ISLAND VOICES is comprised of CHORISTERS who are… 

…independent, confident singers with a strong background in reading and listening skills which enable them to learn challenging repertoire efficiently and effectively 

…reasonably comfortable singing independently, but not necessarily soloists 

…committed to active participation in all rehearsals, retreats, and performances as well as organizational activities needed for a chamber choir 

…willing to learn, grow and adapt as part of an ensemble requiring teamwork and cooperation 

…share a positive and encouraging spirit to foster camaraderie among choristers 

…participate in one-on-one sessions (akin to “interview/audition/voice lesson”) with the conductor before and periodically during active membership to cooperatively explore opportunities for advancement and develop future plans 

…pay an annual fee or make alternative arrangements 

…share in the operational duties of a small organization 

…adhere to the public health guidelines and choir requirements


…participate in an informal interview with the conductor, sharing experiences and perspectives on choral music in general and Island Voices in particular. 
…participate in an informal or formal individual singing session with the conductor, which involves some vocalizes (to demonstrate range of pitch, volume, and tone colour), a short informal song or section of a choral piece (a cappella), some tonal memory and sight reading exercises. Often prospective choristers attend one rehearsal to explore the alignment of expectations and style between choir and chorister. 

New choristers are accepted on a provisional basis until their first public performance. Each year choristers essentially “re-audition” through one-on-one lessons with the director. 

Choristers may, in consultation with the musical director, take a short leave for a definitive period of time or even long-term of indeterminate length.

 Some choristers on leave may participate in some activities in an “as needed” basis. 

Each chorister is unique and important with a distinctive set of skills, both musical and personal. Individual voices vary and the combination of those voices create the particular sound of the choir. There is no “set” sound, nor a “set” number of singers in the choir or in each section, yet overall membership reflects the nature of a chamber choir.

Expectations for choristers;

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