Island Voices Chamber Choir usually incorporates new choristers in September for an annual season, but expressions of interest are received throughout the year.  The entry/on-boarding process has a few steps. 

Initial “interview/audition” 

Prospective choristers have the opportunity to have a conversation with the conductor to chat about mutual interests, experiences, and ideas.  If appropriate, a time will be set for some one-on-one singing time.  Like a mini-lesson, it will include some vocalizes (range and flexibility of pitch, dynamic, vowel, and tone colour), some aural patterns and tonal memory, as well as some sight reading of individual lines and choral scores.  If potential match is possible, plans can be made for the next step in the fall. 

Call-back (group) auditions

Both choristers interested in returning and selected prospective participants join in an open rehearsal/call back audition at which everyone has equal opportunity to sing and listen in a supportive group environment.  Vocalizes as a full group, sections, small groups, and individually give everyone the chance to hear everyone else as the process of developing sense of ensemble begins.  Sight reading and rehearsal of selected choral scores provides a context of the scope and nature of the rehearsals to follow.  Full group, sub-sectional, and independent small group singing are part of that process.  Blend, balance, independence, a cappella singing, adaptability, learning speed, sense of ensemble can all be demonstrated and evaluated. 

After this, each prospective chorister (new or returning) and the director can make some decisions about the compatibility for the upcoming season.  Each chorister is unique and brings a distinctive set of skills, both musical and personal. Individual voices vary and the combination of those voices create the particular sound of the choir. There is not a “set” number of singers in the choir or in each section, yet overall membership reflects the nature of a chamber choir.